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low speed high gear

I am wondering if there is any concern with driving in your highest gear at low speeds. For me it's 5th gear at 30-35mph. Let me be clear this is just to maintain speed not accelerate. I wait for downhill to do that then coast for as long as possible. When my minimum speed is reached generally 30mph in town it's back into 5th to maintain.

I've been told on performance minded forums that this stresses the engine way to much and I should be in 4th for my highest gear at that speed. Thing is I tried that and it raised my RPM less than 250rpm but also drops my instant mileage between 7-10mpg depending on speed.

So what's the correct way to do it to ensure as little harm as possible is being put on the engine?

Also I searched around and found various answers from it's fine to you're going to blow your engine to carbon will destroy your valves...

Now I could maybe see the carbon build up.But, I will have a look to verify, I dont believe that would be an issue if fuel is washing the valves proir to entering the chamber. Please correct where I am wrong.

Sorry for the long winded post.

Mods if this is in the wrong spot please move.

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