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I had a 2004 Sunfire (loaded: 2.2 Ecotec, auto, power windows and mirrors, sunroof, AC) purchased new. I replaced it in 2012 when it had 477,000 kilometers (about 300,000 miles) on it. The mechanic at the garage I get my work done bought it and he is approaching 550,000 km (343,000 miles)on it and it runs as good as ever.

The only problem I ever had was the transmission (no TC lockup) at 96,000km (60,000 miles) which was replaced under warranty.

I used synthetic oil, changed every 10,000km (6,250 miles), and synthetic transmission fluid changed per user manual.

Short story: Very reliable, never let me down and as Aerohead said any trip would always get in the 35+mpg range.
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