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Re the mileage they seem to hold up extremely well in terms of wear. We've had the wife's VX from 50k miles to now (220k miles). It gets a timing belt, water pump, etc., every ~120k miles (and all the old stuff looked like new even then), plugs every ~25k miles (they are cheap and it seems to like fresh plugs), full tuneup (OEM wires, cap, and rotor) every ~100k miles, and all the usual filters and fluids. Assuming all this was kept up the only thing that would most likely be shot by 240k is the suspension. We replaced all bushings, joints/pivots, and shocks/struts at ~200k miles and it was much-needed. The car is also a bit hard on oil so we do oil changes at a max interval of 3k miles, I think the manual might say you can go further but I'd not recommend it.

The car you found sounds like a good start. Sourcing OEM VX bits should be easy as everyone concerned with performance throws them away.
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