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I sent you pics directly. Can't get them to show up on here. Not sure why.

I was talking with my buddy here about you not making enough power? My first choices would have to be cat back exhaust and then the external spark mod at the dizzy so you can run a blaster series coil and get some fatty plug wires (mine are 10.2mm) and go for a hotter plug.

or you could try and get the dual vtec head and ecu. The best of both worlds. Lean burn ran up to about 3250 rpm on the ride home then those Damn Hills would have the ecu pop into 1st stage vtec people were giving me looks when they got on the side of me and then wooooohhh!

Second stage is where it's at though. a few times I really got on it. I have a thing for tunnels, I made a lot or noise on the way home that was like a mile. Loved it. (I think that's the Shizzle loves it past 5k rpm crazy loud and b series type vtec kick you heard me? )

to me, it's worth the couple mpgs for the holy crap factor :-)
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