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I think it's a 1 liter. They said ~50hp, which is in line with 55hp in the Metro, My 1 liter is rated at 67hp but probably does less. There are plenty of good 1 liter options you can get from salvage yards pretty cheap. Even a lean burn Insight drive train. Really, who else is in the market for a 67hp engine!

Emissions are probably less strict, you might get away with a diesel.

I like it being classified as a motorcycle. What kills the cost savings of my 65mpg car, is that it is, a CAR! Insurance can cost more than gas! Excise tax to Miss Sheehan, MA tax collector. Inspections are really big pain. On a motorcycle i think insurance can be as cheap as $100 a year. Inspections cost less, and are less stringent.

I mean really, they'll insure my body in case i hit a car and get flung from a motorcycle at freeway speed for a quarter million dollars for peanuts. And even if i declare my car is worthless and i don't want anything in case it gets totaled, minimum state health coverage, i could pay more in insurance than my car is worth in a few years.
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