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Thanks, Redneck. I actually tried coastdown testing on a flat isolated street, but even at 03, there was still way too much traffic. My HX does not have cruise control, which frustrated me, as well as driving my car for the express purpose of burning gasoline, which I try to minimize at all times.

I do not know of any hills anywhere around here, unless I go fifty to a hundred miles away, en route to my parents' house, and those are steep enough that I accelerate in third gear!

I could take the Scanguage out of my Forester and put it in my Civic, but I really need an MPGuino.

One project at a time?

Belatedly, I realized that I could have emulated A-B-A by just removing the belt, driving, putting it back on, etc. The power steering pump seems heavy, but everything combined is less than 1% total of the car's mass. I even realized that I could test two variables at once!

I could A-B-A the power steering belt with my ex-girlfriend driving the Forester, using cruise control, and me following in my Civic.

I cannot explain my personal life. Let's focus on ecomodding!

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