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Good stuff man,thanks for shedding some light on the D15B 3 Stage mystery.
Very interesting about the ECU,I know the P2J-003 are uber expensive and really rare thats amazing you got it working with the $30 one,haha kudos!With a factory OBD-2 car you were already a few steps ahead of the game,I'm considering snagging a engine harness out of a OBD-2 Civic at the local PNP and seeing how different it is from the OBD-0 one I have,and possibly using it with that head when the time omes.
43MPG in with a LX trans is impressive!You really should get the HX/CX or even a HF trans if possible I loooooove my HF trans,I can go 60MPH @ 1700 RPM's iirc.Wow with you in lean burn I wouldn't be suprised if that pushed you over 60MPG..

Trans swaps are a joke in these cars,I could probably do one in 3 hours give or take.
BTW I've got the swap almost done,wiring is sorted,head's torqued down putting the rad in,filling with fluids(going with GM Synchromesh FM this time around for the trans),gotta sort all the small bits out and I'm hoping for a test crank later tonight.

Fingers crossed,
I'm going to check out those videos later tonight for sure!


EDIT:I heard somewhere that the 3 Stage head runs in 12V mode 'natively' (without any of the solenoids engaged at all) it then crosses over to standard 16V mode after ~3XXX RPM's ,is this true?
If so it'd mean it would 'stay in leanburn' virtually all the time,like in regular city driving,etc which I find kind of hard to believe.It's hard getting straight answers sometimes on such a subject...
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