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Wow,so technically I could stay in lean-burn all the time just by bolting the head on?!
I wonder how it'd run cold with lean-burn,etc,etc..

It'd make for a good experiment,get the AFR as close to 20:1 as possible(could check with a wideband),preferably only when warm...I think that'd be pretty easily attainable with Crome,if I decided to go the aftermarket ECU route and it'd let me modify everything.

I figured out the other night that the 3 Stage D15B is the same block as the standard V-Tec D15B (OBD-1),and that unlike the Z1 which has dished pistons to raise the compression it basically has D16Y5/7/8 pistons which is's also the only 1.5 liter that has 1.6 rods..

Let us know how the trans rebuild goes,mine will need it some day

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