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Lightbulb OBDuino 2?

Ok so I've been doing a lot of looking around at the original OBDuino project and I'm running into a few problems first I haven't found anyone that has built one of these since ~2010. Second pretty much every use of the OBDuino has been in and ISO or CAN environment. Third most of the members who developed the OBDuino aren't really active anymore and most of the pictures and other things related to the project haven't been updated either. Fourth, I haven't found any documented use of it for VPW protocol (that I'll be working with) or any other protocol for that matter. Finally the arduino boards used are older and there are better alternative (and preassembled) boards out there for the same price or cheaper (I'll get to that later).

That brings me to the v2.0 part of this post, what I'm proposing is that using the hard work of the people that developed this project and the new improved arduino technology available we improve the OBDuino and provide updated instructions on how to build it.

From the research I've been doing I believe that the parts list would be something like this:

Arduino: for this application I think the Arduino Uno would be best these are the 2 options for that
The Arduino Uno REV 3~$30
Arduino REV 3

The Sainsmart Uno R3 ATmega328p ~$16
SainSmart Uno

OBD II Cable
You'll need this connector Sparkfun OBD II Connector (the exact assembly of the cave will vary depending on the vehicle)
And this
Nextrox® UART TTL Serial Port TO RS485 Converter Adapter MAX485 SMD SOP8 For Arduino
Plus a RS485 Serial cable also known as DB9

LCD I'll be using a graphic LCD over a character one as it will allow a few more functions
Graphic LCD

Push Buttons (any normally open push buttons will work.)

The goal is to retain all original functions of the OBDuino.

The original functions are: (taken from Wikipedia)

Fuel consumption, measured in mpg or l/100 km
Fuel used or remaining
Fuel cost
Fuel wasted while idling
Engine RPM
Vehicle speed
Tank distance
Remaining distance that can be travelled on the current tank of fuel
Engine load
Coolant temperature
Air intake temperature
Throttle position
Battery voltage
CAN status, for CAN protocol only, display TX and RX error
Displays instantaneous values, average, maximum and minimum values calculated per trip, per outing, or per tank of fuel
Menu system for configuring parameters

And add in the ability to:

View Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
Clear DTCs
View and Clear pending DTCs

Those are just the ones I would like feel free to suggest ones you want.

Here is a Wikipedia article on OBD II Parameter IDs (PIDs) to see possible features of the OBDuino.

What do you think? Comments, ideas, and suggestions are all welcome.

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