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Anthracite Warrior - '01 Volvo S60 T5
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Are your fuel log reports for propane or gasoline? I see one entry that calls out running on gas but most of them don't do that.
As far as I know, in most markets ALL cars converted to run on LPG are dual-fuel (or bi-fuel), which means they can run on either gasoline or a propane/butane mixture which is Liquified Petroleum Gas.

The T5 engine isn't known to be very fuel efficient, and the newer Volvo's have quite good aerodynamics stock.
I'll second Joris' statement, that engine is nice but not widely regarded as a penny pincher. What you have there is pretty serious power for shoving an upscale compact executive saloon down the road at a good clip, NOT the usual paradigm for a highly economical car.
All very true, and I did realise when I bought the car that it was never going to be a fuel-sipper. I previously owned an LPG-converted 1.7l 1992 Volvo 460 (I believe they where never sold in the Americas). On LPG, I could get 27.2 mpg (US) easily, but I missed the lack of grunt that allowed me to stay in top gear all the time.

So following that logic I bought this S60, due to its low-range torque, but mainly because it was dirt-cheap (small caveat here: in Portugal, most cars sold today are either diesels or very small-displacement petrol engines, and in 2008 when I got the car, everyone was trying to flog their old big-engined gasoline-drinkers, and I was sort of broke, so I bought this car for a steal). And I found it to work. Full of people and air-con on, I can get 26-27 mpg (US) or better on long journeys. Unfortunately I don't often have a chance to repeat these drives, so the numbers you see in the fuel log are a fair balance of mixed driving.

But I'm happy with these figures because it's pretty interesting to squeeze some seriously frugal mpg numbers out of such a car.

Thanks, everyone!
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