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Thanks for all the comments so far guys. : 3 And yea my torque converter locks up at a minimum of 40 mph. The tires i have on the truck are not stock. The ones on there are 265/75/r15s. Stock would be 235/75/r15. The bigger ones help for cruising and i keep the psi on them high already. But i try to keep them to a reasonable point so i dont kill the life of the tire and exessively wear suspension components. Like upper control are bushings and stuff. Stock would have been 30psi in the front and 35psi in the back. But i run 35 psi in the front and 40 psi in the back with these bigger tires. Used to run 40 psi on all fours but was concerned about tire wear and damage to the front ones so i put them at 35. I had rotated the tires once and needed them all rebalanced too. Ive tried different accleration types but results differed every time. Ive gotten as high as 26 and as low as 17. I have a ecometer mpg gauge and i took the air silencer out of my airbox which helps a bit. Also added and air dam. actually 2 of them..If i can figure out how to upload pics of them to this site i will. I also though of buying a super chips tuner at Pep boys one time and it was like 300.00. Im wondering if the cost of it for the fuel savings will be justified and pay for itself in the close future.

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