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A tale of 44 cents

Yesterday the wife and I met for lunch at Hardee's. She is a serious coupon clipper and we had a coupon for a 1/3rd pound thickburger for $1.99, usually $4.39. I remeber when I could buy a burger, fries, and a drink at MacDonalds for 49 cents.

I order the thickburger, a small burger for her, senior soda and coffee. The bill came out to $7.66. The wife looks at the bill and goes back to the counter becasue they did not give us the coupon discount, which amounted to $2.40.

She got $2.40 back. I was surprized that she did not get the meals tax (10%) refunded, she told me it was not worth the trouble of trying to explain it to the staff. Of course they have to go through a ton of unnecessary crap to get the refund.

About a minute later another worker comes over to our table and asks if everything was OK with the transaction. By now I have finished MY burger.

Wrong question!

I tell the person that we were charged 89 cnets in tax on a less than $5 transaction. It's like I was talking to a redwood tree in the Sequoia National Forest.

"I only charged you 19 cents on the coupon burger"
No, you charged me 89 cents, see right here, 70 cents on the original transaction, which was incorrect, then another 19 cents on the corrected transaction, for a total of 89 cents, when it should have been 10% of the correct amount.
"I only charged you 19 cents on the coupon burger"

I guess repeating your mistake makes it not a mistake?

By now I was going to get my 44 cents back, just to get my "one up" on the wife.

I think the Hardee's Manager finally just gave up when she asked me how much did they still owe me. I told her it was 10% percent of the incorrect sale price of the burger,which was $4.39, os 44 cents.

She gives me 50 cents!

I gave her back 6 cents, she refused to accept it.


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