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Thanks for the trip down memory lane... seems we had one in '78 as well. I added a second tank to the trunk of my Dodge Coronet back then, didn't strap it down or anyting <yikes!>, but it was a short term deal that came and went (crisis and the $60 Dodge).

Starting in 1980, I commuted in VW's. I have driven about 300k miles in various air-cooled VW's over the years, I always kept the commuter vw's stock. I tweaked and tuned my old '63 sunroof, and was able to get a consistant yet almost unheard of 27mpg out of the little 40hp 1200cc as I recall (careful jetting, raised the compression slightly, I restricted the acceleator pump shot and recurved the timing advance).

I once added a 4 gallon rototiller fuel tank to a '67 bug, just behind the dash. SF Bay Area to Los Angles on one fuel load was the goal. But the tank had a vented cap, and stunk up the cabin, I sold it shortly after that for other reasons.

great post!
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