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So I've got everything built, and since v0.66 and having it hardwired, everything seems to be looking good on the bench. It seems that all thats left is to get at my ECU and test this bad boy out in the car.

Something really strange I noticed however:

As of v0.67, it seems that I am now my own signal generator. If I touch the VSS input, I will get on the instant raw data screen up to 60.00-61.00 (not sure what that means but it equates to about 52mph on the first screen). And if I touch the injector input, I get a uS of ~362000. I'm not sure if this is just because I don't have them hooked to a solid signal and they're taking the minute electrical signals in my finger and running with them, or if this is going to be a noise problem. Any ideas on this? It is cool to see it working though
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