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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Hey Palionu, welcome.

I'm going to guess that carrying the board(s) inside the car isn't workable, or you'd be doing it already.

Next, since you've decided to spend time on the problem, what I'd suggest is working out some kind of quick-release system for the crossbars, rather than leaving everything on the car & spending time trying to clean it all up.

If you could come up with a way to remove the crossbars, for example, it would be easier to fabricate some aero "caps" to streamline the remaining pylons.

Any chance of posting some pics of the situation?

Nice work on getting above the EPA numbers, btw.
I thought of cutting off the excess bar on each side and use some rounded plugs.

I've tried getting my board in my car but it's 10'6". I'm not at my home right now but I'll make sure to take some pictures. For now I can show you what I have installed.

While trying to find the link for the above picture I found a new mounting system but it will require me to drill 8 holes into my car roof. Eh, I'm probably going to drive it until it dies so this looks like a viable option and would certainly reduce drag over the above. Plus, it would allow my rack to be remove much more easily.
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