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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I thought there would be a much wider pressure swing with the R-404a mixture, because of the way refigerants act in a refrigeration system.
If you cooled a tire filled with 100% R-404a down to -20 deg F, the pressure would drop to 31 PSIA, or 16.5 PSI on the tire gauge because some of the R-404a would condense to a liquid.

If the tire is filled with 100% R-404a until the R-404a is a mixture of gas and liquid, then the pressure will be the saturation pressure listed in the refrigerant data sheet. That would be 150 PSIG at 70 deg F and 450 PSIG at 150 deg F.

I would expect gases with larger molecules, such as CO2 and R-404a, to have lower lead rates.
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