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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I've been on the DNC list for a long time and it is hard to tell the difference in call frequency from before to after. In other words, it only keeps the honest telemarketers out.

I don't have caller I.D., I'm not gonna pay for that.
Ask them what their wearing, and seem very interested. Then interupt them and ask them again what they're wearing.

Just treat them as the ultimate opportunity for improv. Put a skit on for them. You do have to remember though, this is generally the job of people on their last choice for employment. so have fun, and give them something to talk about in an otherwise tedious and depressing job.

Call block?

You have to renew the DNC, I found that out when I started getting them again.

My method works well for getting payback for these, and craigslist scammers. When I was younger the "for a good tie call xxxx, leave message" in truckstop bathrooms worked well, but now I resist the temptation to deface private property.
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