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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I've tried several methods but Rachel in particular is so UNRELENTLESS.

I've tried politely requesting to be put on THEIR DNC list.

I've tried pressing the number that supposedly removes me from the call list.

I've tried feigning interest in their "service" to string them along, wasting as much of their time as possible. Occasionally that works, but many of them simply cut it short and hang up.

I've asked them for the business name; they usually hang up.

I've tried pressing the phone dial keys as they tried to speak to me.

My current tactic is to get the robocall, press the number that gets me to a live operator, then yell "**** OFF" into the phone as they are speaking.

But they still keep calling.
Every time you answer, you are confirming this a working number. This in turn places you on their list, and everyone they sell it to.

If you had caller Id, you could save the numbers to your phone. Then when they call, play the "dunno doo, this number has been disconnected" from a tape recorder. Since most are robo dialed, this flag your number as a bad number.
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