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Subaru 5th-wheel

Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
I'm sure it's been discussed here before but this is too great to pass up. Looking up more camper ideas I came across this article. Aerocar - Part 2, Curtiss Aerocar, Aerocar Trailer, Aerocar Corp., Opa-locka, Coral Gables, Miami, Florida, Aerocar Co. of Detroit, Aero-Car -
Very detailed, very cool.
I was wondering if a Subaru Baja could be made into a 5th wheel hauler after seeing the VW bug 5th wheel video, I suppose anything is possible. It just disappoints me everybody is just towing around a box nowadays!
You're limited only by your imagination.Think safety first.
If you're descending a steep mountain pass,and you do a panic stop in the middle of a hairpin curve,consider if the trailer brakes failed,and you had the full momentum of that trailer applied to the roof of the Subaru;and what that'd do to your chances.
Moving the attachment point down to the 'bed floor' might save your bacon in a worse case scenario.
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