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How does your bike spec out compared to Allert Jacobs Honda 125,his bike came in about 43 percent heaver with him adding 88 lbs for a total of 319 pounds.He took out the inefficient auto CVT? added a manual 4 speed with a clutch and lowered the over all ratio.also he used llower rolling resistance tires.He claimed 1.1 liter per 100Km or 214 mpg USA. at 55 mph cruise speed.His average is 199 mpg amazing.I hope you pull it off.PS Craig Vetter had thought from his observations that his friend Alan and others Kawasaki twin cylinder 250 cc were more efficient then his single cylinder 17 horsepower Honda Helix,a Ford engineer said the single was much more efficient between the two,and Craigs poor mileage was due to the inefficient CVT transmission the Honda Helix something for all of us to think about
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