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First, I understand that this thread has been dead for a year, but in case someone else is looking for the same thing I was I'll add my thoughts here.
I like the ideas, and was searching for a 'Smarter' cruise control. After reading here, I decided my stock cruise module should do the job with a Arduino intercepting the incoming speed signal, and outputting a new speed signal to the cruise module. I made the circuit board today, and did some testing. I think some of the speed constants I'm using might need adjusted, but overall I am getting the result I wanted.
I want the cruise to react slower to changes, and allow the speed to drop (but still controlling the speed within reason, after all that is the idea of cruise.) I have some pictures, a schematic, and the program. Once I figure out how to add it here I'll include more information. But I do appreciate all the thought and ideas here that led me to this.
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