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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
It's surprisingly roomy! I suspect someone 7ft tall could comfortably sit inside with the seats all the way back. This car has ~10% more frontal area than my Del Sol, and it's narrower, so there's quite a bit more headroom. This is also my first car with real cupholders, so I'm in heaven.
I parked next to a Del Sol yesterday and i can attest to that! I very much wish it was a tiny clown car like a Miata or an MG Midget. I've slept in the hatch on long distance trips and it's very comfy.

DOGS: I've picked up many dogs roaming the streets in dangerous places and they all lay in the hatch like second nature. But i would not recommend it. Any square laundry basket turned upside down will fit in the foot well with the seat all the way back. My dog lies comfortably in the passenger seat that way.
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