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Originally Posted by HyperMileQC View Post
With the Potenza on flat ground at 60 mph I see 100-105 mpg when in lean burn. Tires inflated at 55 Psi front 50 Psi rear.
I will sometimes get 100+ mpg at freeway speeds, but it's erratic, depending on road condition, head or tail winds, phase of the moon, and gawd knows what else. The spells of 50-60 mpg tend to cancel those out. And of course actual flat ground is a rarity hereabouts. But I went to visit friends today, mostly freeway & main highway, got about 73 mpg for 105 miles or so.

And re dogs: the dog in the front seat works if you only have one dog. I have two, so one rides in front, one in the hatch.
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