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PLX Kiwi is Scangaugeís Big Brother


The Scangauge II (and Scangauge before it) has long been a necessary part of practicing EcoDriving effectively. Itís a neat device because it gives you instant feedback, which not only allows you to improve your driving, but also helps you implement various hypermiling tips most effectively. However, Scangauge wonít have a total market share for much longer, as PLX Devices has released a new, and intriguing device called the Kiwi.

Like the Scangauge, the PLX Kiwi takes data from your carís OBDII diagnostics port. This means that the device is plug and play, making it accessible to most drivers, but will only work on 1996+ vehicles. All older cars (like mine) are out of luck. The Kiwi uses the data is collects to not only show you what fuel economy youíre getting, but also to instruct you on how to get a few more MPGs. This is the part thatís really interesting, and the reason the device costs a steep $299.

PLXís cute video can say more about how it works than I can, so check it out:

The website claims that the average driver can save quite a bit of fuel. In my experience, this is definitely true, though I donít know if the Kiwi is really necessary to do it. Most people can realize these improvements without any instrumentation, though those of you looking for more profound savings will probably need instrumentation.

I canít say yet whether it works or whether I would recommend it, but if youíre motivated I think the purchase price could be recouped in gas savings, especially with gas looking to stay up above $4/gallon. You can bet PLX will be receiving an email from ecomodder as we look to test this thing out with both experienced EcoDrivers and complete newbs.

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