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A few weeks ago swapped MAFs with KT's cobalt since it only has 26,000 miles, no change, developed an annoying miss first thing every morning when releasing the clutch to get it rolling. Getting P0101 regularly and occasional P0102. Last week when I got home I decided to take a close look at the wires at the MAF, took a little piece of electrical tape off the end of the loom, inspected with 5-6 wires and couldn't see any damage. Next day it did the high speed stumble 5-6 times. Been almost perfect since, no more CELs.

Debating liquid taping the wires but if I ever have to mess with them again it would make it difficult.

Kt's cobalt did get a CEL a few days later with my MAF, but she refueled and it came on shortly so I expect that's really the cause.
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