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Replacing and Oil Pan/How Hard is It?

Just as I was about to install my new exhaust system, I'd noticed that the oil pan to my 94 Honda Civic has severely decade from years of salt and corrosion. At present, the rust bubbles feel soft and I'm starting to see motor oil seeping ever so slightly. I dare not so much as take a wire brush to the oil pan.

My question to the forum is two fold. First, how hard is it really to replace an oil pan on a Honda Civic? The reason I ask, is that I've seen several examples on Youtube, whereas the procedure looks to be pretty straight forward. A better question might I be, what am I overlooking?

Secondly, within the past three weeks, I'd invested over $40.00 in Amsoil synthetic motor oil in my last oil change. The final question that I pose, is if I were to drain the oil into a clean bucket, could I reuse the oil without any issues, or would it be considered contaminated?

Thank You.

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