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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
It makes sense if you think about it. Added mass improves the effectiveness of Engine Off Coasting with Pulse and Glide. And really only hurts fuel economy if you touch the brakes. Which we almost never do in competition. The increased rolling resistance is negligible and if the mass is gained as the result of an aero mod, it will be a big net improvement. I read a lot of comments about expensive techniques to reduce the weight of a vehicle as a means of improving the FE such as changing the lead battery for a lithium. Complete waste of money. FE only cares about the mass of the vehicle when you step on the brakes. Or if you are scrubbing the tires through the bottom of turn one.
Losing weight in rotational force is a huge gain uphill, I have found. I was worried about the change from reducing to a lighter drive shaft, but pulse and glide 40-60 (or 85 on hills) from Ohio to North Carolina pre drive shaft netted me 47 and change MPG, while post drive shaft cruise control at 60 from Ohio to GGP netted me slightly better MPG, 47 and change- but a hair more(For ~10 hours it was my new record lol).

Of course, different route, circumstances were very different, and obviously there were countless different variables between the two, but cruising at my usual max speed and only EOC if I would be engine braking performed exceptionally well with the difference, while almost constant P&G without didn't do as well.

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