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Yup, pretty much BS. If you're looking for the best spark plugs, try Denso Iridium Power. Iridium is a very strong metal, so tips can be made extremely small compared to copper or platinum. This results in a much denser spark that can ignite leaner mixtures than regular plugs. It also makes them last much, much longer. Average lifespan is about 40-60k for Iridium power, and long life (used in OEM applications) is up to 100K. Probably more under hypermiling. They're are a little under $10 each on eBay. These plugs worked wonders on my 86 Celica GT-S and 93 MR2 Turbo, making engine response quicker, and making the engine run smoother overall compared to new copper plugs. NGK also makes iridiums.
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