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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post

Rightmost blue & white twisted pair (J6):
J6 blue wire is main contactor ground wire. Don't connect the contactor ground wire to anything other than J6 blue wire.
J6 white wire is main contactor coil +24v. Yes, 24v. If you currently use a 12v coil, I'd just not bother with J5 and J6.
I will connect the j6 wires to a 24volt relay to isolate them from the main contactor which is 12volt.

J5 (next twisted pair over to the left from J6. Blue and white again):
J5 is for turning on the precharge relay, which is NOT a part of the controller. J5 blue connects to the precharge relay ground.
J5 white connects to the precharge relay +24v.
I normally connect the precharge resistor directly from the battery pack to the controller so that the capacitor bank is always at pack voltage.

J3 is valet Mode. The pin on the left needs to be connected to ground (possibly through an on/off toggle switch).
The pin on the right need to be connected to the car's auxiliary +12v supply. You could put the on/off switch on either line.
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