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Im going to do Kammback mock up on my Beetle as well , Seeing your wood frame mock up in position gives me encouragement in using wood as my kammbacks permanate framework, like the hand built cars of yesteryear were.

I have access to Rough Cut cedar lumber both yellow & red , for good prices $30 for a Clear 20ft 4x4 (true dimension) that I can cut down into strip size pieces for the frame work.
I would seal then Paint the Cedar framework with something fiberglass will bond to.

The wood needs to be dried thoroughly then sealed water tight before placement.

To avoid shrinking or swelling of the wood , especially cedar , it shrinks a lot while curing and swells just as much back up if it gets moisture. But its the strongest lightest most flexible wood Growing in North America.
Cedar is also bug proof

I am convinced Cedar frame work is my Best / cheapest / strongest / easiest choice for the frame of the Kammback.

I am a Artist Carver & Carpenter so working with Cedar is easy for me.

I'll be sure to post its Image in this thread for continuity.
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