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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
So much for "batteries will get cheaper over time".

Only thing I am not loving is say you buy a leaf, pay it off, kill the battery as expected. Now you are back on the hook for $100 a month.
Does this mean you have a vehicle payment again and are required to carry full coverage again?
You are required to pay full coverage? I assume you mean insurance. Not where I'm from. Here you don't need any coverage besides liability, even on a brand new vehicle. That being said, $5500/10 years is hardly a car payment. That's basically normal maintenance costs for many cars. And considering that the brakes on a Leaf will last the life of the car thanks to regenerative braking, there are no real maintenance costs, besides tires.

All Leaf battery packs (including these replacements) are warrantied for 5 years/60K miles for degradation and 8 years/100K miles for defects/failure. Most packs, at least those being used under "normal" temperatures/conditions, are on their way to last at least 10 years.

$5500 is nothing in the big picture, especially when fuel savings are factored in.
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