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Bad mod - don't do it.

About 9:25 in the video they say that they gained 40C with no airflow and LOST 3C (100C drop without paint, only 97C drop with paint) with airflow.

This first condition that everyone seems so excited about - heatsoak with no airflow - would not occur. When the car is stopped the turbo is not on boost (except for maybe a second or two before you take off if you're drag racing) and is not compressing (and therefore heating) the air. The intake air flowing through the intercooler and into the engine is close to ambient, so no heatsoak for the intercooler. Also, if your intercooler is mounted in front of the radiator, the radiator fan will be drawing air through it periodically, so no heatsoak.

Almost all of the time when you are demanding boost from the turbo the car will be moving, so there will be airflow through the intercooler. But by painting it, you have lost 3C of cooling. Net result = negative effect on performance. You are spending time, effort and money to make your car worse.

For the radiator, you should not have a heatsoak condition either. When the coolant temp approaches the upper end of normal, the radiator fan will pull air through it. But if you have painted it, you have reduced its ability to bring down the temperature of the coolant. Again, a net loser. JMHO.
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