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Okay, I've got "Speed disks", and 1/2 of my grill blocked off, but the "REAL DEAL", is: I've got: K&N air filter, PULSTAR, spark plugs, and something called a "Platinum Gas Saver"> THAT DOES: INDEED WORKS: for some 9MPG HWY, and something called: "Fuel VAPORIZER" that "INDEED WORKS", but , it's something of a *****, to get working, it's not something that just "connects" and does it's job. You have to have it connected, and drive/fill/check/ adjust,,,,, and drive, fill/check/adjust/check, etc. it takes some time, but : INDEED: THESE THINGS WORK! I "WILL" have a '94-3-5, that :WILL GET: "100MPG: Highway,,,,,, I'm SURE OF THIS,,,, give me a month.. I'm sure, It'll be getting atleast: 62mpg CITY: I'm sure! Give me some time to test, and check, but I'm SURE: OF THIS! And, This "IS" my "DAILY-DRIVER"! I've also got a '91 Chevy Blazer, full-sized, 4wd , with a 350 V-8, 150K miles, that gets: 11-14 city, I'm getting this "gadget" installed on it, and will be expecting: About 17 City, and 27 Highway.......... Please, give me some time, and I'll get back with you all! When My Geo gets connected, I'll be taking a trip up to N.Calif. and I'll get there, on LESS than a TANK! Just wait!
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