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I have done that stupid thing, bought myself 28x100Ah lithiums and no charger...
Original plan was to use 8 12v server PSU's (100-140A!!!) to do the charging... but think it needs more smarts than I have got, and much more experience with lithum 8)
This project certainly fits the bill! (PFC or no PFC, but great you are thinking of these things)

Is it still live? I am very happy to beta/alpha test and provide feedback. My electronics background is too weak to be of _real_ assistance with development, but it is not non-existent and there is a lot of good minds within the close vicinity.

It would be great for me to have something build within the month, but I know thats pushing it.

Adam, you mentioned a BMS, what are you using? I was going to build the one on this forum with top and bottom balancing. I think its a local CHCH design for my mates car 8) (Beamer)

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