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Here's where the enclosure came from:

As much as I'd like to blame the post office, I have to acknowledge the possibility that I just did a crappy job making it. haha. I don't own one of those fancy things that show stuff is flat. I eyeball it!

How in the crap did you make those stinking awesome end caps?! I've been killing myself over here trying to think of a way to make them, and you are all... Ya, I'm in the process of moving, and just threw something together. aaahhh!!!

Oh, I better modify the code for the inverted throttle now. I'm glad it's not quite ready. That will take me a couple hours probably. One time I inverted the throttle during testing, 5k at zero, and almost crashed into my neighbor's apple tree. We won't talk about that right now... Let's just say I'm going to be extra careful.

It should be good to 350v, so, feel free to pile it on for the first test run. lol.
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