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civic VX d15z1 ignition timing

So i have been playing with my VX now for 2 years and cant seen to get the timing to act the same way as my novtec CRX.

With the mechanical timing believed to be correct and using a timing light, I can set my ignition timing pretty dead nuts on where it needs to be but the distributor is almost at its max advance. I mean only a hair away.

I just tried to advance the timing last night and I have the timing set at the advanced mark on the crank pulley but the distributor is completely maxed out at its travel.

Is this normal? I am following the timing procedure correctly and jumping the service connector while setting the timing. It just seems like I should have more adjustment than I actually do.

The car run fine and gets roughly high 40's and low 50's but has an occasional miss when hot at idle and in lean running at constant highway speeds.

I do not know the history of the motor whether anything has been machined. I did replace the timing belt and am fairly certain it is lined up perfect. I just want some input from other VX owners before I start tearing it back apart to check the mechanical timing for the third time.

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