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The brake pedal is evil
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Your 400 watt inverter shouldn't be going nuts with a gaming laptop. 330 watts seems to be the largest laptop PSU I can find, my desktop complete with a phenom II 940 and a 6950 idles at 150 watts with monitor on, loads to around 330 watts (I have it undervolted, but I'm running at stock clockspeeds, if I dump the volts into it and raise the clocks, I can pull 500 watts before the air coolers get overrun with heat.)

Budget 50 watts/hour for a laptop even though newer ones can fit within a smaller footprint (my rule of thumb it to take manufacture battery life and cut it in half for a new battery, cut it to a third for an aged battery, cut it to a quarter for a worn battery.)
Getting sensor data off of a pre OBDII Toyota ECU via TDCL.
All of this is on E10: Project E is my current focus.

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