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The civic is lugging.

Mmk, now, this is an extremely weird problem that I will try to describe the best I can.

When driving, even at a normal load (although it seems to do it more when accelerating) the engine will like, lug and bog down, the RPM's don't change, it just kinda sounds weird and jerks. I'm new to driving a stick but I'm fairly sure it has nothing to do with me being new to driving a stick. It almost feels like L/B is kicking in but I don't see that the problem as the O2 sensor isn't dipping to 0.000 and on top of that, it does it sometimes when I'm at a constant load.

1. No, it does not do it while idling, it doesn't die if you rev the engine (red line it) and drop off the throttle at idle.

2. For those of you that know about this problem, yes it's still leaking oil. I'm thinking maybe I'm losing oil pressure? Could this cause it?

3. I have no idea when the last time the spark plugs/wires and oil was changed, along with the fuel filter. Could this cause it?

4. Oh I forgot to mention, no CEL.


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