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Originally Posted by ERTW View Post
I'm gonna have to disagree with this statement. I rented a Corsa in europe this spring. It has a 1.4L engine iirc. The speed limits there are higher than Canada (130 kph on some highways). north america may have *hills*. Greece is mostly *mountain*. I didn't find myself wanting for more power. shifting gears ftw The only thing I'd change is low profile tires - you don't want to roll over on your tires when you're a km up on a 5m wide road with no guard rails, and an oncoming vehicle (which I did).

Driving style is different. where a european driver uses the on ramp to accelerate, an american driver punches it right before merging (or after, as is sometimes the case). power makes lazy drivers. I found that out in autocross.
I'm gonna have to disagree with your disagreement. That car had way more power than necessary to keep it at cruising speed.
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