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Originally Posted by blownb310 View Post
Ryan, did you ever make the repairs or has the project been scrapped?
Ryan never scraps anything.

My 1982 diesel suburban had a blown out rear window, the rear xmbr had failed, the rear door had holes, I mounted a pickup truck topper window and bolt the the rear door up, then the body mounts failed and the body sat on the frame rails, the brake booster and all brake lines failed, the radiator leaked, the exhaust was made of a string of tin cans, the rear main seal went, the rear windows would not roll down, the drivers window would roll down but had to be pushed and duct taped up, the side window had the handle pop off, the AC worked but burned up clutches. The heater and vent would only blow on high and through all vents and defroster at the same time, The front window cracked, once the fuel lines went and the pump wasn't working correctly I finally decided to pull the motor and put it into another body and I still regret scrapping the suburban to this day.

In any event the ZX40 is alive and well, a local drunk a few days later stopped by wanting work, I gave him the really crappy bracket and told him if he could fix it I would give him $25 and he did. I then ordered a factory bracket from North Central Zenn (the only guy that really supports these cars) but the old farts bracket although really ugly is about 10 times stronger and works great.

Sadly a ****head in a volvo that shouldn't drive or be on the road ran a stop sign and now there is a big dent in the rear fender well and door. Spun the car right around in circles, he started coming to a stop after he hit me. I couldn't pull the dent so I bent the door back into shape so it opens, closes and seals but the RH rear tire tends to rub, I hammered it up as best I could but had to use a crapload or spring spacers to get the wheel to clear, for a while I used a T105/80r13 in that well so we could at least drive the car until I figured out how/what to do with it.

Today it seems to drive about the same as ever, sadly the accident damaged one of my $200 greensavers so I only have 7 of the 8 needed to drive the car, I found that the car drives OK on 42 volts but man does it suck to barely reach 24mph. I ended up putting in 3 standard deepcycles in a series/pallalel setup (because I had them) changed out the charger to a lithium 62 volt unit and love the extra go power of 54 volts, it takes longer to charge but being able to consistantly hit 32mph and 36mph with field reduction is a nice change.

So the greensavers that were not cracked seem to work just as well as ever, I still have about a 40 mile range (its harder to get the batteries fully charged at this odd voltage, sometimes the charger will sometimes it kicks out early so I have to check them every time) But short changing these gel batteries seems to bring them back to life, they do not appear to enjoy a full charge every cycle and work best when occasionally taken to full capacity, good thing they don't sulphate.

The deepcycles I trickle charge after the main charger quits to keep them alive, a bit of an irritiation but necessary since I have two different battery architectures living together under 1 roof. I have had a few balancing issues but it actually doesn't happen often using this lithium charger the batteries seem to track much better than they did on the 25 amp chinese unit.

I also did a LIFEPO4 test on the car some months back (thanx to the generous charity of one other member that frequents this forum)

Sadly the LIFEPO4 require too much attention to use daily, I plan on adding them into the mix again at some point but not until my Lightobject jobber arrives so I can have some piece of mind.

Thats about it, anyone around Wausau really good at pulling dents?

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