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Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
I've never seen "the SUN" plant my garden for me. I have seen so much sun in recent summer months that I could hardly keep up with the irrigation.

The sunshine is free. But too much of a good thing can actually be detrimental, and sometimes it is. Regardless, when soil becomes dry, watering it costs money.

I'm waiting for the day when the gov't imposes a tax based upon on the days when the sun shines. Or they tax us for the air we breath. After all, the EPA does protect us from our environment, doesn't it? And therefore, they're imposing a service upon us that should be taxable, right?

If they could, they WOULD. Yes, they would.

I'm sorry I mentioned it. Give this idea another year or two and some busybody legislator will have picked up on it and will make it mandatory...

We know how many hours of sun your property got (thanks to Google for monitoring and recording all public information) and you don't dare get caught in public without having that pure air flow meter on your face! (Which is metered and taxable for the air you breath, which we can and do regulate, as it is ours, not yours)

You think that it can't happen here in Amerika? Think again.
No, food doesn't come from any tax structures. I'd say "photosynthesis". And in N. America, much of it comes from corporate "farms", or rather, the agricultural segment. Many of the biggest suppliers of commodities have corporate structures now. But yeah, corporations are people.