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Final report on this experiment, which I have concluded today. The vehicle now has 153,841 miles, has experienced no mechanical damage and continues to run superbly. Oil consumption is less than 1 qt / 5,000 miles and fuel consumption on regular gasoline, unladened on my reference highway travels returns to the 15.5 mpg experienced prior to conducting the diesel addition experiment.

I have stopped the experiment due to two factors. First, the price difference between diesel and gasoline has disappeared, reducing my financial incentive. Second, the last fueling station conveniently available to me which has a small diameter diesel fuel nozzle has replaced that nozzle with one of the standard large diameter diesel nozzles. Using a large diameter nozzle at the fuel island takes way too much time, or requires I carry a funnel which then makes the interior of my van smell of diesel. I have stopped my experiment because it is no longer sufficiently financially rewarding to overcome the inconvenience.

Beginning odometer: 75,231
Ending odometer: 153,841
Distance: 78,610 miles

Blended fuel consumed: 4,543.9 gallons
Blend mixture = 70 gasoline to 30 Diesel
Miles/gallon on blend mixture: 17.3 overall

Miles/gallon on 85 octane gasoline: 15.5
2005 Chevrolet G-3500; 6.0 L; unmodified

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