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They are uploading to photobucket right now. Let me see if they are done...

dc-dc mounting. Use two 0.25" spacers per hole included (so it's 0.5" away from the aluminum enclosure):

Make sure that connection is made before closing everything up. It's for desaturation detection in a short circuit situation. NOTICE THE KAPTON TAPE!!! That's to avoid the short circuit that you noticed would happen.:

M+ cables:

B- cables. The lugs lay flat against the B- copper sheet:

B+ cables. Notice they make a connection to the copper sheet underneath. So, use the lugs that have been bent slightly so they can mount through the hole, but don't touch the B- sheet:

All of them together. Upper left 2 are B+. Upper right 2 are B-. Lower 3 are M+:
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