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Originally Posted by Varn View Post
Around here most farmers (who are nearly all Conservative) have at least one truck that has a diesel. Most are asked to pull their rated GRVW much of the time. Almost never see them in their big trucks unless they have a job to do.
Have to say that farmers in Missouri (?) must be different than the farmers/ranchers hereabouts. See them driving their big diesel pickups all the time, hardly ever with a load or pulling a trailer.

Most have no use for something that isn't needed, (example smoke) a hallmark of being conservative.
Well, there are conservatives and conservatives, you know. (Reagan's 'big tent' thing...) There are some types of 'conservative' who thrive on making unnecessary smoke & noise, just as there are some 'liberals' who love their big, noisy, chrome-covered guzzlers. In fact, that love seems almost independent of politics.