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trikkonceptz, I just have the "Instant" MPG on the standard display, which obviously fluctuates depending on a lot of variables. When I drive my goal is usually to keep it at or above 35 MPG.

I don't find it significant harder to do while maintaining my speed around 60 or around 70. Though I know this has a lot ot do with the car I drive, which is a '99 Corvette. It coasts extremely well, so if I gradually get to 70 it is pretty easy to keep going around 70. I usually try to gradually get to 70 then glide until I get to 60 and repeat.

When I slow down too much, the big V8 sips a lot of fuel to get it back to a comfortable speed, so if I try to stay at 55-60, my acceration-coast cycle is much shorter, and as a result I'm on the big V8 more often, which the ultimately costs me mileage.

I notice that when I am in 6th gear, and cruising at 80MPH, I usually sit at just under 1500 RPM, at 70 it is about 1100 RPM and 60 around 1000 RPM. So based on that, I can get a pretty good sense of where the sweet spot for my particular car is.

I am sure in a perfect world on a flat road with no traffic a 10mph difference would be more noticeable, but for me he other variables present make that speed difference negligible on my net mileage.
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