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I do like spaghetti too Frank. That is a belief too.

Perhaps as the earth warms it will release more trapped water and hence allow farmers to make more food. The last thing we need is global cooling. That would equate to mass starvation. I think global warming theorists have it backward. It is Gods plan to allow more people, animals and plants to grow.

If humans were to disappear any time, inside 50 years the earth would be just as if we were not here. No real global impact. Nuclear war is natures reset button, nothing more nothing less.

Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
Nobody can prove God exists, either. It's a matter of belief.

But saying that all food comes from the sun is as abstruse as saying all food comes from God.

You can have all the sun exposure imaginable on any planet, including Earth. But you won't live very long or grow anything without water.
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