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Digging up an old thread but interesting (to me anyways) new to me info on dfco.
While my old Saturn was picky when it would go into and drop out of dfco my newer Pontiac Vibe loves going into dfco. The Saturn cut out below about 1400 rpm or below 32 mph. This (Toyota 1.8 liter) Vibe goes in easily, stays in, if out-jumps back in easily, will stay in all the way under 1000 rpm, doesn't seem to care about speed. Basically anytime (in closed loop) I want it, it is there. It is a 2007, maybe that is a big part of the difference. Better programming for more often used to help battle the CAFE standards?

Get bored very quickly. Vibe, Saturn, and crv all long gone. Been a while but I'm back in the game, gunna see what I can do with this Corolla.
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