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Originally Posted by Varn View Post
So your profile says you are from earth, is that correct?
As far as I know, anyway. I've sometimes wondered whether I might not have been abandoned as an infant by aliens :-)

Be conservative, think conservatively. It is essential if you are to leave a small impact.
But that definition of conservative is something much different than what most political conservatives seem to believe.

Most conservatives think "just leave me alone do your own thing". Most nonconservatives think that they know best. and want to not allow others to think or act differently than their proscribed definition of right.
Those are what you might call the Barry Goldwater variety of conservative, now something of an endangered species. Most conservatives want you to think and act according to their prescribed definition of right, just as most liberals do. The only difference between the two groups is their particular definition of what's right.

As for believing what you want, fine, unless your beliefs lead you to start hurting other people.