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Originally Posted by MilanoVX View Post
Err, ok let's break down your post because you seem butt-hurt. First, why in the world do I want MORE attention to a car that's already up there as far as desirability for theft goes...? Second, what does my post count have to do with absolutely anything? Especially trolling? I meet the requirements for posting stuff for sale, don't I? Didn't know you were king of this place coming in hot with 56 posts *clap* *clap* If anything you're trolling. Maybe if your minuscule brain had any sort of capacity for understanding, you'd realize that this is not a car I really WANT to sell but, rather i'm selling it because i'm impatient to save up enough money to purchase the second car that I want without having to sell this one.
Why do you then have TWO for sale threads if the car is so desirable? Where's your asking price? All you've done is talk about selling the car. This is a "testing waters" so again...are you going to sell the car or are you just looking for attention?

It's cool to just be looking for attention. Hey, check out my nice red VX. Oh, ah. But let people know that's ALL you're doing. It's not cool to keep posting it as if you're going to sell it and never do. I think you know whether or not the "water" is warm so why are you testing it? You even brag about how many offers you get and how quick you can sell it, then do it. PUT UP OR SHUT UP already. We're all so impressed with you car, yep, it's just a car. Worth maybe a whole $5,000. MAYBE! I wouldn't pay it, but then again you aren't really selling it anyway. You're just talking about WHY you MIGHT sell it.

You may have enough posts to start a for sale thread and with the way you've said that, I believe, you posted just enough to start "selling" your car. Why do you even need to post it for sale on here? You could have sold it four or five times over WITHOUT even advertising.

My bet; you never sell the car.

If you do, I win. I never have to see this car "for sale" by you again.

If you don't, I win. You just proved my whole point.


Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Big Oil hates lean-burn.
Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
If my hypermiling in the Insight cancels out the effects of just one gap toothed git-er-done in his big dumb F250 dually with his inbred kids and pitbull hanging off the side rails in the back, glaring at me as they roll coal around me . . . . . then maybe there will be some gas left when my grand kids start to drive.
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