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Newbie from across pond-scangauge2 novice!

Hi, Although from UK, very few, in fact no dedicated forums/websites to scangauge users!

Prior to purchasing scangauge2, did plenty of homework, read reviews etc., before deciding to layout (in UK, 125.00!). However, more than happy in belief that it will soon pay for itself. Already glad that my car has no fault codes, or pending.

I Have also, or as I believed, set up gadget correctly, but as I followed correct instructions for 1st fill up, am now having problems in obtained trip computer functions readout. What I am after is readings in MPG, but at setting up, I put tank size as 44 litres and hoping that scangauge would be
able to calculate MPG-it doesn't seem to be able to do this as I get a reading
of miles per litre!

Although our petrol pumps give amount of fuel delivered in litres, we still talk about MPG and not MPL. Can anybody tell me if it possible to get the readout I wish or would I have to go back to set up and in put tank size to the nearest Gallon that would be equal to 44 litres?

This is where I am getting confused as I thought scangauge would be able to
give exact feedback and if, at set up, Gallons can only be input as full Gallons but not less than, ie: 1,2,3 or 10 Gallons but not 1.5, 2.7, 3.2 or 9.9 Gallons, how can I get feedback to be exact!

Which is the best way to get around this?

All help on this aspect is very mcuh appreciated-and am sure in time, there will be many more questions on the way!


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